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Islamic Calendar Widget for free WordPress Re-activated

Free Islamic Calendar for your WordPress blog.

Free Islamic Calendar for your WordPress blog.

As the old website is now almost completely transfered to the new domain at, I decided to add more services for the muslims on internet. One of the addition (or actually, re-activation) is the availabilit of image-based islamic calendar widgets for free WordPress blogs. The widgets will also work in other blogs that restrict the use of flash-based widgets.

You can visit the widgets here and get the code to put on your WordPress blogs.

Hope you find this useful.


Islamic Calendar Widget with Floral and Swirl Ornament

Islamic Calendar Widget with Floral and Swirl OrnamentThis is the preview of the latest widget released at Alhabib Islamic Widget site. It displays current date both in gregorian and hijri dates. The name of the day is also highlighted.

The widget is adorned with floral and swirl ornaments which have been a trend lately. It also features floating flower bubbles at the background.

As usual, you can visit Alhabib Islamic Widgets to get it. I hope you like it.

Current Moon Phase Widget with Hijri Date

Current Moon Phase Widget

Current Moon Phase Widget

Another islamic calendar widget is released which displays the current phase of the moon. It can also be called an astronomy widget, since more detailed information about the moon are also given. Those that are inclined to astronomy or astrophotography might find such useful information as the age of the moon, the dates and times of last and next new moons as well as full moon.


The idea behind this design is that the islamic calendar is lunar based. It is tightly correlated with the phase or the calculated position of the moon. Even the Prophet Muhammad ordered muslims at that time to look for crescent moon to start the islamic lunar month. An order that is still practised by many muslims especially to determine the start and end of major islamic rituals such as ramadan and eids.

Ok, that’s enough for a reason. Now, here is the link to get the widgget and start displaying the ever changing phase of the moon on your blog or website:

Current Moon Phase Widget

Hope it is useful.

Hijri Calendar Converter Widget Released

Preview of Islamic Hijri Calendar Converter Widget

Preview of the Widget

Sometimes ago, a visitor ask me after visiting my Hijri Calendar Converter Page: “how can i put the converter on my page?” Well, the answer at that time was a definite negative. Meaning, there was no way of displaying the widget on other page because of the complex networking of scripts and web components that I put together to realise the hijri calendar converter page.

Now, it is a pleasure to announce the release of a islamic calendar converter based on flash. The widget is styled to look like a traditional mosque’s arch and brandished with islamic ornament on the background. Other current features of the widget are the ability to choose between Ummul Qura and Suggested Global ¬†Islamic Calendar system. As with other hijri calendar widgets on my site, you u can adjust the date, the size and color.

UPDATE: Now the widget can be set to display the calendar in three languages, english, bahasa indonesia, or arabic.

Hope you find this useful.

Visit the hijri date converter page here!

Download Islamic Calendar for 2009

Continuing from my previous post about the islamic calendar for the year 2009 CE, here you can find the PDF versions of the calendars. Hopefully you find them usefull.

Apart from the calendars from Alhabib Islamic Web Service, there are several similar islamic calendars that you can also download and print from the following sites:

  • Saudi Aramco – Beautiful calendar design, with concise infos about the lunar hijri calendar.
  • Islamic Finder – Simple but with many options to customize the calendar.
  • Ibnu Zahid – This is a comprehensive monthly calendar designed for indonesian people (in Bahasa Indonesia), with astronomical info for moon position and Javanesse calendar.

Islamic Calendar for 2009 CE

After a bit thinkering of the actionscript code that propels the islamic calendar widgets on my site, I can now generate the yearly or monthly calendar automatically. The generated calendar has the islamic hijri dates along side the dates in christian era (CE). The calendar is color coded so that you can find easily when the hijri month starts and its corresponding date in christian era. For those who practise the sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad pbuh.: fasting for three days each lunar month on the days of full moon (Yaum al-Bidh), these days are also marked. An info box about important islamic dates (Islamic New Year, Ashura, Ramadan, Eid ul-Fitr, Eid ul-Adha) for the year is also presented.

Since for my widgets I use two islamic calendar systems, namely Ummul Qura (based on moon presence at Makkah) and the Suggested Global Islamic Calendar (based on predicted global sighting), you will also find two versions of the calendars.

Please visit the following links to see the calendars:

The year 2009 corresponds to year 1430 and 1431 AH (anno hegira, after hijrah).

Hope you will find these useful.

Islamic Calendar Calculation Updated

Some of you may already notice that for the hijri calendar widgets I used the formula from Ummul Qura to calculate the islamic date. The decision to use this formula was, among others, to bring the displayed hijri date in synchronisation with the calendar system that is referenced by many muslim countries. Thus, many users should not need to make adjustment for the displayed date.

However, recently I found a suggestion that I think very excellent is regarding islamic calendrical system. Dr. Khalid Shaukat from has proposed a ‘Suggested Global Islamic Calendar‘ based on the global sighting possibility of the new crescent moon. The suggested system would, if muslim ummah agrees, would bring order to the current ‘eid-in-different-days’ situation. The system is also very simple and will synchronise with the day and date that we currently use based on the international date line. As a result the whole world would have the same hijri date on the same christian era date. The start of Ramadan, for example would be on the same day and date througout the whole world.

The plus side of the suggested global islamic calendar compared to the ummul qura calendar is its universality. The ummul qura calendar is based on the crescent position as seen from Mecca. So it is possible that other countries to the west of Saudi Arabia may witness the crescent moon while it is not possible in Mecca. As a result these countries would start the new islamic month while those who follow Ummul Qura would still in the previous month.

With such consideration above and the spirit to bring a global islamic calendar to reality I decided to change update the calculation method for most of my islamic calendar widgets with an option to set the calendar system based on this suggested global islamic calendar.

I hope users of my widgets would also share this spirit of global islamic unification with me.